A Change in Time

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Why does language change over time? - BBC Bitesize

Sometimes these invented words are the fusion of two words that existed before. These are known as portmanteau words. For example, blog comes from the combination of web and log. Nice is often given as an example of a word shift. Over seven hundred years it has changed its meaning from 'foolish' to 'shy', then to 'dainty', from there to 'delightful' and to our modern meaning of 'giving pleasure or satisfaction'. Some shift!

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The internet has been responsible for a number of more recent word shifts: mouse , surf and web are obvious examples. Think about the English-speaking world today.

Politicians back end to clock shifts in 2021 but national parliaments will now have a say

We are experiencing an exceptional amount of international trade, migration and technological change. Just as the world is quickly changing around us, so is the language we use. Have you noticed the way you use language changing recently?

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Bitesize English. Why does language change over time? Learn about some of the main ways that language changes over time. Trade and migration As cultures interact, mix and trade, language shifts to accommodate these changes.

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