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In an act of rebellion, Stephen smashes the brothel chandelier with his ashplant walking stick in "Circe.

Simon Dedalus Stephen's alcoholic father; he counters neglect of his family with a fine sense of humor, a clear critical eye, and an excellent singing voice. Charles-Paul de Kock French novelist who wrote trashy books for the lower-middle class. Molly thinks that he probably acquired his name because of his sexual proclivities. Paddy Patrick Dignam His death is the reason why Bloom is at Glasnevin Cemetery "Hades" and the reason why Bloom is dressed in black throughout the day.

Another drunken Dubliner, Dignam corresponds to Odysseus's inebriated retainer, Elpenor, who, in Homer's epic, broke his neck in a fall from the roof of Circe's house. Master Patrick Dignam The main interest of Dignam's son in his father's death is that he might get some time off from school and can become a celebrity for awhile.

The Branding of Edouard (From the de Kock Series

Mat Dillon His home provided a meeting place for Bloom and Molly in when they were going together. Also, it was at Dillon's that Bloom bested Menton at bowls, an affront that the solicitor never forgot.

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Dixon On May 23, , Dixon treated Bloom for a bee sting, this wound in the side becoming a Christocentric symbol in Ulysses. Moses Dlugacz At the shop of this pork butcher, Bloom in "Calypso" buys a kidney for breakfast. Also, at Dlugacz's, Bloom ogles the buxom servant girl of the Blooms' next door neighbors, the Woods, although he is unable to follow her after she leaves the store.

Reuben J. Doran is on his annual drinking binge in Ulysses, and his sinister, drunken antics in "The Cyclops" help to establish the macabre tone of the episode. Her observation that Bloom has "greasy eyes" relates him to Christ since the word is pronounced "grace-y" in Dublin. The other siren at the Ormond is Mina Kennedy. Mary Driscoll A maid at the Blooms' whom Molly dismissed on a false charge when Bloom began taking an interest in her.

Farrell is sitting in the National Library's reading room during the discussion of Shakespeare in "Scylla and Charybdis. The cabman's shelter to which Bloom and Stephen go in "Eumaeus" is said to be operated by him but probably is not. Nosey Flynn From "Counterparts" in Dubliners. The star reporter discussed in the newspaper offices in "Aeolus," Gallaher broke the story of the Phoenix Park Assassinations, possibly Joyce implies by infiltrating the group of Irish extremists.

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Lieutenant Stanley G. Gardner Discussed in "Penelope," Gardner is probably the only person besides Bloom and Boylan who has complete sexual intercourse with Molly during her marriage. If the affair did take place, it happened between and Gardner died of fever in South Africa during the Boer War.

Uncle Richie Goulding Stephen's uncle, whom he considers visiting in "Proteus. Haines, who has come to Ireland to study Irish folklore, simplistically asserts that all of Ireland's troubles are attributable to "history," not to British misuse. Men advertising his business appear in "The Lestrygonians," walking about wearing scarlet letters on large white hats.

Zoe Higgins A prostitute in "Circe" who takes away Bloom's talisman, a potato, which corresponds to Odysseus's moly the herb that prevented Odysseus from being turned into a swine by Circe. Andrew J. Vaguely associated with the Freeman's journal and the Evening Telegraph, Hynes unwittingly includes several bits of false information in his report of Paddy Dignam's funeral.

Although Hynes owes Bloom money for which Bloom has asked him three times , Hynes appears in "The Cyclops" and buys drinks for himself and others. The loan is the basis for the execrable pun on Russell's appellation: "A. A rising songstress of whom Ily is jealous. Corny Kelleher Works for an undertaker and is rumored to have underworld connections. In "The Wandering Rocks," Kelleher spits out a "silent jet of hayjuice," and in "Circe," he refuses to take Stephen home after Private Carr has knocked him down.

Alexander Keyes The tea merchant with whom Bloom negotiates the placing of an ad in the Freeman's Journal. Keyes will grant a two-month renewal of the ad in exchange for a free paragraph "puffing" his establishment in Freeman's. Myles Crawford, the editor, insists on three months, and Bloom is caught in the middle. Barney Kiernan The Cyclops Episode takes place in his pub and begins just before p. Ned Lambert One of the discussants at the Freeman's office during "Aeolus.

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  4. She was a Spanish Jewess and probably somewhat "fast. Lenehan From "Two Gallants. Vincent Lynch A friend of Stephen's who accompanies him to Nighttown in "Circe" and later deserts him in the brothel area. Lynch is a Judas figure in Ulysses. In both cases, Stephen calls the woman this name. Gerty MacDowell Joyce's Nausicaa, who entices Bloom into masturbating when she reveals her upper thigh and underwear in Joyce's 13th episode. Man in the Macintosh A mysterious figure who turns up at Dignam's funeral.

    Hynes, mishearing a remark by Bloom in "Hades," has him appear as a person named M'Intosh in the Telegraph article. Mastiansky A friend of Molly's. In "Penelope," Molly alludes to the unusual sexual practices of Mr.

    The masterpieces of Charles-Paul de Kock

    M'Coy A strange Dubliner who is in the habit of borrowing valises and then pawning them. Although he does not show up at Dignam's funeral, he is reported to have been there in Hynes's newspaper story.

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    Menton was once a rival for Molly's affections, and, in , at Mat Dillon's, Bloom bested him at a game of bowls. Title-page also in color. Bound in full red niger morocco, t.

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    A nice copy with moderate foxing to several text pages, all plates clean and bright. Spine unevenly darkened, all quite sound. Item This book was also issued in a small 8vo format. Hardie p. Talbot Kelly. Click here to see our other books! Egypt Painted And Described R. The second printing of the work, published two months after the first edition. Bound by George Bayntun of Bath. Robert Talbot Kelly was an English orientalist landscape and genre painter.

    In the early s Talbot travelled to Egypt a number of times, inspired first by his visit there whilst on a cruise ship. He was so inspired he moved to the country, acquired a studio in Cairo and learnt Arabic. He then spent his time travelling and painting the landscapes and people, spending a considerable amount of time in Bedouin tribes. His times with the Bedouins, as well as much of his journeying through Egypt is painstakingly detailed in this book, 'Egypt Painted and Described' and highlights his love and appreciation for the country and culture.

    His works are credited for the sympathy and respect he pays towards the country.

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