Child of the Fighting Tenth: On the Frontier with the Buffalo Soldiers

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Any vessel that might pick up a man would be sure to turn him over to the authorities at the nearest port. Colonel Joseph A. Mower commanded the Thirty-ninth Infantry at Ship Island. Though there were five companies of soldiers on the island owing to the absence of captains, four companies were commanded by first lieutenants: R.

Cooper, all of whom, though barely of age, had served during the four years of the Civil War and attained commissions as officers by meritorious service. Grimes, Jonathan B. Hanson, Emmet Crawford, and Samuel K.

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The bombproof was a round fortress. The only green herbage on the island was the grass that grew on the flat top of this building. Old cannons surmounted it, but they had not been fired for many years. The garrison proper was at the upper end of the island. There was also an ancient lighthouse that had been condemned as unsafe. Two lines of buildings formed the garrison, like a street. Below them the street continued with barracks for the enlisted men on either side.

How Buffalo Soldiers are making a difference at Detroit's Rouge Park

When he walked down this line, every enlisted man and every officer had to stand in front of these quarters in official rigidity and salute the garrison commander. When a storm threatened to destroy the garrison, the boat was pushed to the bombproof where straw and canned provisions were kept for any emergency. A tall white post, marked like a huge yardstick, was another very important feature at the end of the island. A sentinel stood beside it night and day, watching the height of the tide, and when the water neared a certain mark, a shot from his gun gave warning to the entire garrison that it was time to seek safety in the bombproof.

Before I was old enough to walk, even assisted by my Guard of Honor, when passing this sentinel I believed that the salute he gave the officer was intended for me, and I never failed to lift my own hand as I saw the officers do. The tall white post, in my childish mind, was there for the sole purpose of measuring my own height when I stood beside it, and waited to learn how much taller I had grown during the night.

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My first steps alone were encouraged in a peculiar way by my Guard of Honor, who would seat themselves on the little railroad track a short distance apart from one another, and persuade me to walk on the soft white sand between them. If I succeeded without a fall, I was entitled to grab handfuls of the fine sand and heap it upon the uncovered heads of the young officers until it poured like a shower bath over their faces and down their collars as they leaned forward.

So when my mother decided to give a dinner party, dishes and chairs were loaned by the other ladies. Peter Wickerwack, a former soldier with a wooden leg, operated a tiny catboat. He was the one link connecting the mainland and the island during the two weeks that elapsed between scheduled trips of any other craft. Peter was not only a friend, he was an institution.

He brought needles, pins, thread, matched dress goods, and also carried fresh vegetables, meats, and unofficial letters between the island and Mississippi City or Biloxi. No matter how rough the weather, Peter never failed to arrive with the articles ordered. Though a frightful storm raged the night before the dinner party and continued the next day, Peter brought his tiny catboat safely to the island without one parcel missing.

So the dinner proceeded as though the waves of the Gulf were not lashing against the pilings that supported our home. To glance through the windows gave an impression that the houses on Ship Island were simply floating on top of the Gulf of Mexico.

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During the merriment, warning shots of the sentinel at the Marking Post rang out. Instantly hostess and guests deserted the feast. We all reached the lifeboat that stood upright between the tracks, and instantly it was shoved by waiting soldiers until the bombproof was reached, the only place of safety, where everyone hastened. Through the night the waves pounded against the walls, but the place had been well built. The straw that Colonel Mower had the forethought to place in the bombproof afforded rough beds. I am quite sure I slept as serenely as I had done during the voyage of the Selma.

Friends and Memories of Ship Island 33 When morning dawned, no one expected to see any buildings where the garrison had stood, but they were intact. How furious the storm had been was proven by the fact that a three-mast schooner that put into port before the storm had broken, and anchored on the inland side of the island, had sailed completely across the island and was floating on the opposite side unharmed.

Though no lives were lost at Ship Island, no damage except dampness of articles left in the buildings, the Gulf of Mexico was strewn with wreckage. After I learned to walk, I considered each house my own home, especially the quarters occupied by the unmarried officers. There one day my chatter interfered with official duties. Making out Muster Rolls was an exacting bit of clerical work. Instead of marching me home, Uncle Emmet, Uncle George, and Uncle Quimby resorted to putting a big drop of New Orleans molasses on my fingers and thumbs, then handing me a feather from a pillow, they instructed me to pick off the feather.

These segregated regiments offered black soldiers a chance to fight for their rights

It kept me busy and silent. But when they next inspected, they found that I had secured the can of molasses, poked a big hole into the pillow, and not only decorated myself from head to feet like a plucked chicken, but had plastered the sides of the room with a frieze of feathers and molasses.

Fighting with non-violence - Scilla Elworthy

His trips to the mainland meant his return rather the worse for indulgences. A small hairless dog of the Chihuahua breed was his one intimate associate on Ship Island. On one occasion when Bleeding Kansas returned to his quarters late at night, he groped vainly for matches. A dog greeted him. He patted the dog. Chips was hairless, but this dog was woolly like a poodle.

Bleeding Kansas swore at the dog and called for Chips. The poodle responded.

Child Of The Fighting Tenth: On The Frontier With The Buffalo Soldiers 2003

At last the matches were found, and Bleeding Kansas stood looking at a fuzzy white poodle that danced yapping about his feet. Bleeding Kansas started a wild marathon to escape the unfamiliar apparition. It followed him until he was entrenched behind a chair. There was something a bit familiar about that poodle, as he stared at it from the barricade.