Duke the Firefighter (Dukes Picture Books for Children Book 1)

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Comments 6 comments — Leave a comment. So happy you loved them! I agree, Mr.

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Cavendish's cover model is yummilicious. I actually read these out of order, reading Mr.

Young Thug "With That" featuring Duke

Cavendish first and then The Lost Duke later. IMO it didn't make a difference, for those who might wonder. And yes, I also think these are books mature high school girls could read and not be scandalized by. The characters in both of these books are shown to be honorable, in love, responsible, and with principles.

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Go Julia Quinn! Link Reply Thread. I scored three more of her books from the library on a trip M 16 in less than a week! M took out two YA novels and two Mary Balogh novels - she started reading Mary Balogh when she stayed with my mother in the summer. I have not yet read them, so I have no idea what the sexytimes there are like.

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Link Reply Parent Thread. Highwayman does it for me, too. Madness ensues, and it's downright hilarious. Highly entertaining and informative about living in the Middle Ages. Ever wonder what it would be like to live somebody else's life? That's A's entire life--some days A's a guy, some days a girl, some days A's one race, the next day another. A doesn't know why. It's been this way as long as A can remember. Every night, goes to bed as one person, every morning, wakes up as another.

A's gotten used to it, to just being in the day, getting through the ones stuck in a bad life, enjoying the ones where A's landed in a nice life. But who is A? What's A's identity made of? And what if A wants something more permanent? Like, what if A falls in love with one person?

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He discusses his fight with cancer and how he was forced to live life to the fullest and puts life in perspective that we should do the same. I am not a reader usually but this book grabbed me and I almost finished it in one sitting pages in the book.

This is the very best book with both a box of yarn and an evil archduke that you will ever read. Written by the guy who also wrote Guess Again. A great team. A very funny follow-up to Slot Machine.


Actress, advocate Patty Duke dies at age 69 | Duluth News Tribune

Same sarcastic narrator Elvin Bishop. Moving into all of the pain and craziness of 9th grade. Best friends don't always see eye to eye. With his newfound powers of persuasion that come with his spectacularly convincing new fake mustache, Capser has his sights set on world domination. And the only one who can stop him is his best friend, Lenny. This book is goofy. Like the kind of goofy where just when you thought it couldn't get more crazy and absurd, it makes normal seem crazy and crazy normal and up becomes down and nothing makes sense but everything does. This one's great for both fans of the Origami Yoda books and guys completely new to this author.

And it's fantastic for read-alouds! This great series continues--it's full of action and suspense, and parents will like it because it's well-rounded, with good supporting side-characters and some interesting asides. Book No. Keywords dublin, ireland, literature, joyce, short stories, family, school, love, college, marriage, dreams, life, death. Categories Funny Historical figures. Keywords pop-up, Easter, dyed eggs, bugs, insects, nature, colors, Easter basket. Keywords horror, gruesome, morbid, short story, murder, mental institution, hypnotist, creepy, gothic.

Categories Realistic kids in realistic situations. Keywords Elephant, pig, piggie, pidgeon, comic, comic book, friendship, optimism, pessimism. Keywords Canada, Ontario, slavery, underground railroad, runaway slaves, snakes, theft, courage.

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Patrick Carman Blurb. Keywords Squirrel, flying squirrel, rescue, soda pop. Keywords Soda pop,ghost, haunting, Halloween, monkey bars. Keywords Soccer, international, stealing, tournament. Lucky he knows a dragon who can help him. Keywords elmer, island, fly, father, dragon, ride, storm, canaries, birds, birthday.

Anderson Blurb. Keywords game, battle, mysterious, elf, troll, monster, supernatural, vermont, friendship, dark, evil, murder, rebellion. Keywords science fiction, sci-fi, future, formics, invasion, training, school, battle, game, space, alien, invaders, war, galaxy, computer games, internet, growing up.