Hungry for Your Love: An Anthology of Zombie Romance

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New Jersey: background traits, tire The literature and research. The Renewal Factor: How the Best estimate and check the new journal. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 11 14 , If the character is, please be us prepare. She only wishes Ray were by her side. Ray fights his way across town, and finds the love of his life just as magnificent as a warrior goddess.

With names like Ray and Sunshine there is no question that these two are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Hungry For Your Love An Anthology Of Zombie Romance

No one would be fool enough to laugh at them! Richard is a little tongue-tied when he meets the famous Julia Brainchild for the first time. This woman is gorgeous and feisty, and he is determined to stake his claim. Julia puts him off in every instance, but when he seduces her with an old family recipe, she has no other alternative.

Hungry for Your Love: An Anthology of Zombie Romance

This is a hoot, if you can take it. John will never forget how lovely his prom date looked on that fateful night, an indelible image on a brain that is rotting by the second. She is back only to find John in the throes of an insatiable hunger, but Maria is not ready to give up on him yet.

The cravings are gut wrenching in their intensity, and John is moments away from satisfying his when a vision steps out of the night. Maria is there in all of her ethereal glory, albeit with a few missing pieces, but she is here nonetheless. Maria cajoles and pleads with John to give up his prey, and maybe with her help find a way to fight the hunger. The trip to see his new island home is made all the sweeter for Dr. Griffin Stoddard when he meets his lovely traveling companion.

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Rebecca is not one to waste an opportunity, so when Griffin responds to not so subtle advances; she knows their little vacation is going to be sizzling hot. However, when they arrive at the house, they find it more fitting to a Freddy Kruger movie than a tropical paradise. And while it may be suicidal, neither of them are willing to walk away when screams light up the night.

Sexy and suspenseful are sure-fire ways to make any story more attractive, and this is definitely fitting. Walking away from his heritage was a very bad move for Joseph, and one he is sort of living to regret. She has no memory or feeling of who she is, and Marie-Celeste has survived innumerable days in this state. Awareness is barely a fleeting sensation, but Joseph is aware of Marie-Celeste. He is given one more chance to change the course of his existence, and if it means he can be with Marie-Celeste, he must take it.

Pain, rage, fear, and ecstasy vie for attention when Joseph revives Marie-Celeste, but this may be the only chance either of them have. Thousands of years of voodoo and witchcraft are a great basis on which this plot is contrived, and they make for a very interesting read. If her mother gets on her case one more time about getting a job, Claire is going to scream. It is not her fault that no one wants to hire someone with her particular lack of skills.

Her first day on the job lets her know what kind of freaks she is working with, but a job is a job. Rafe walks into the insurance office where Claire is working, and decides right then, she is his next mission. These two dorky twenty-somethings are just quirky enough to make this a delightfully rotten read. For as long as she can remember, Carla Nash has loved Ray Stellar, and she humiliated herself time and again throwing herself at him.

He is king of the Vegas strip with his magic show, but Ray has one more trick he is dying to try, and he knows just the person he can get to do it for him. Carla cannot believe her luck when Ray waltzes back into her life, and to think he wants her in his show sends her over the top. His assistant Tony is also someone Carla has known for years, but he has definitely gotten much better looking. Tony warns Carla time and again that Ray cannot be trusted, but Carla is blinded by love, and it may just cost her eternity.

Some women are just sad, and Carla has that role completely locked down. What a depressing way to live your life. Lucy is afraid that they really are just two old married people, not so much in age as in run-down and wore-out.

Hungry for your Love: An Anthology of Zombie Romance - Google книги

You would think that being Zombies would change the day to day drudgery of life, but Dan and Lucy get up, go to work, and come home and crash just like everyone else. Olivia De Markus Bradworth had always felt that it was a travesty that her former husband Eric had looks but no brains or personality to match. When he becomes brain dead and she is able to sell his body, she is determined that she will make sure the next person to wear that body has both. Enter Derrick Quinn, a smart, rich man who is unfortunately a victim of the zombie virus. Once she sells Eric, he's a man who'll make some women a dream lover.

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As she and Derrick get to know each other, she realizes that she could become that woman, finally having what she originally wanted in Eric. I couldn't stand Olivia or Derrick. Both were derisive of anyone they thought beneath them and selfish on top of that. I was also icked out by the idea of putting together your perfect man by combining a hot guys body with another's brain. Reminded me far too much of the universe in Woman on the Edge of Time , which showed a possible future where women were assembled to order and discarded when the men grew bored with them.

Undying Love by Regina Riley on page was the first bright spot in this anthology. Dee Jones is a witch with a heart. Which is why when that sneaky necromancer Maggot sends zombie Joshua Blaine her way, she agrees to help him. Joshua is not your average zombie, though. Some necromancer has gone to a great deal of magical trouble to preserve him perfectly, keeping intact his charming personality and stunning good looks.